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Sports injuries, how to recover well?

Tendinitis, sprains, fractures, dislocations but also muscle tears are common, in athletes as well as in amateur sportsmen and women. After a sports injury, there are many points to consider in order to recover as well as possible. The affected area must regain its functions (range of motion, strength, control) without pain or inflammation. Muscles […]

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What is oxidative stress?

Oxidation, how does it work? Oxidation is a chemical reaction that takes place in the presence of oxygen. You can see it when you cut an apple: once cut, the apple tends to turn brown because one of its enzymes reacts with oxygen and transforms a molecule (called phenol) into another molecule (called quinone) which […]

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Cocoa, our health ally

Raw cocoa, and to some extent good quality dark chocolate, has many health properties. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties Flavonoids in cocoa are powerful antioxidants. They limit oxidative stress that damages tissues by reducing free radicals (ROS) and activating antioxidant enzymes. Its polyphenols are anti-inflammatory: they inhibit inflammatory enzymes (COX-2 type) and decrease the production of […]

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